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Felix Slováček,


real name Antonín, was born on May 23, 1943 in Zlín.


He graduated from the Kroměříž Conservatory and the Janáček Academy of Music in Brno, and is a leader among clarinet and saxophone players on the Czech music scene. His permanent repertoire includes works in the field of classical music, jazz and pop, and as a solo player he has won many awards at international competitions. He has always proved his musical versatility as a composer and since 1983 as the chief conductor of Felix Slováček’s Big Band.


He was a member of many orchestras (Karel Vlach Orchestra) and performed with many others (Gustav Brom’s Big Band, RIAS Radio Big Band, Big Band Radio Copenhagen, WDR Big Band Köln, etc.). He also appeared regularly in Karel Gott’s programs. As a performer of classical music, he has performed with many well-known ensembles in the Czech Republic and abroad – he has collaborated with the European Community Chamber Orchestra, the Slovak Philharmonic, the Dresden Philharmonic, the Hessen Radio Symphony Orchestra and others.


He has more than 500 recorded titles and almost 2 million audio media sold.

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